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self-defense organization were using very provocative rhetoric and king was trying to pull it back. he gave a beautiful speech how they could not get their guns or molotov cocktails because he had a bigger version. but he was so worn down at that point to bring it underwrote -- everyone under his arm he wondered if he could still work with these organizations like sncc. >> host: what was the other dramatic tension or several moments during the march besides philadelphia? >> guest: the other major incidents of violence was a few days later in mississippi before the end of the march. a few days after the philadelphia march. king and others petitioned the federal government to the states of mississippi is adequately protecting us we need federal protection of u.s. marshals, justice department, national guard you name it. they were essentially ignored by president johnson. he had grown alienated from the civil-rights movement you see urban riots, what, a controversy over a government report and there was day black backlash and you see groups like sncc sova johnson is increasingly kept his
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1